Hi, I'm Blair - a web developer, based in Toronto, Ontario.

I'm a recent grad of the incredible "Bootcamp" intensive at Juno College. Before Juno, I was a performer (I still often break into song, when appropriate...) and stay at home parent to my clever kiddo, so I also bring a bucketful of patience to the table! I'm really excited to bring my kindness and positivity to the web development world and to meet so many great people, who will undoubtedly teach me fanastic new things, too.

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My Favourite Things


This may sound super nerdy, but I LOVE working with HTML. It's the thing that first hooked me on coding and my organizer brain is obsessed with making it as neat and readable as possible. It brings me great joy. Seriously.


My other favourite is CSS. It took awhile for flexbox and I to become friends, but since that magic day that it clicked, I've been in love. I thrill every time I learn something new using CSS and, as you know, there is a LOT out there. It's pretty cool.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript (along with our friend, jQuery!) is something I am continually working on. There is so much to learn and I'm thankful to have such a great community of like-minded web developers supporting me as I navigate my way through it. I guess that's the beauty of web development - we are all constantly working and getting stronger - together.


I am great at bringing a group of people together and making everyone feel valued and special. My Juno cohort was recently debriefing about our time together and a number of people commented that they noticed this. It seems to be a constant in my life.

Teamwork & Communication

I am the first to notice when someone in a room isn’t themselves. I am constantly checking in with people, be it on projects or in life, to make sure they feel comfortable and to be sure they are on track. I am also excellent at reaching out to the right people when I clock a potential issue, to help fix it quickly and efficiently.

Public Speaking

In my work as an actor, I had to be in front of hundreds of people at a time, so I am quite used to it and enjoy it! I am happy to speak with/for any number of people to help communicate ideas and love helping to get brainstorming flowing.

Recent Work

a photo of the title page on my Harper project saying Everyday Life With Harper on a Tiffany Blue background


Multi page PSD - See the Code

a photo of part of my Which Musical Should I Choose project title page

Which Musical Quiz

JavaScript and jQuery - See the Code

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